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Peruvian Amulet Vial

Peruvian Amulet Vial

Small vials are filled with herbs, minerals, carvings, seeds, and other good luck charms in order to bring luck, love, protection or healing. 
  • Details

    Curenderos or folk healers make these small vials in a place called Ayacucho in the in the Amazon area of Peru. Each vial may contain bright red and black Huayruru seeds for good luck, various herbs and oils for health, or perhaps a curled yellow vine called Vuelve to regain a lost lover or friend.

    Each vial also contains a small carved stone figure, each with a different meaning.
    Blue is Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lovers.
    Yellow is Saint Cyprian, the patron saint of healers.
    Brown is Saint Francis the patron saint of animals (and Santa Fe!)
    The white figure is child of knowledge.
    The skull if for protection of the home.
    The closed hand or "mano poderosa" of Christ is also for protection.

    Each vial is made by hand and therefor each one will vary. Each vial will contain an explanation of what the vials are and what is contained within them. If you have a request for a particular type of figure in your vial please send it to us via the contact form.
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