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Guatemalan Worry People/Dolls

Guatemalan Worry People/Dolls

Small Guatemalan worry dolls come in a cute handmade box and take the fears, bad dreams, and anxieties of their owner when told their troubles and allowed to sleep under their pillow. Great gift for kids! 
  • Details

    These handmade dolls come from Mayan Guatemala. It is said that when the worry people are taken out of the box and told the anxieties of their owners then allowed to rest underneath their pillows the worry people, by the time their owners have awoken the worry people have absorbed all the worries. Each little worry person is about an inch tall and about 5 come in each box. The worry people are made of small stick tied together with string and wrapped in small pieces of cloth. Included in each box is the story of the worry people. Since each little box and all the worry people contained within are individually made their design, coloration and size will vary.
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